A Starry Night Wedding 紫属于你的星空婚礼

The sky is full of stars,

The galaxy seems to fall on earth at any time,

The chapels on the lake are shining, the churches under the stars are even more beautiful.




Both of them are lawyers, they are very busy and also didn’t have time to fill out the questionnaire we gave,

They can only take time out of their busy schedule to sit down with us and talk about their important wedding in life,

In the course of conversation, they had no idea about their wedding concept and theme,

The groom is also very emotional person and wants to give the bride a memorable wedding,

So we guide them from the conversation…


他们也只能百忙之中抽空与我们坐下来好好谈谈他们的 人 生 大 事,





We all unexpected there are at a specific time in the night

Can’t turn on the lights there and it’s too dark for us. We can’t see each other. Suddenly, Hanley said: Now, I pick a star for you

As everyone knows, the so-called “star” is a wedding ring. It was dark, he can only put on the wedding ring to other person by feeling

The night scene of that night was exceptionally romantic and beautiful

It was also an unexpected surprise for Hanley and Desarine.


我们都意想不到 到了晚上的一个特定的时间 那里不能开灯 很暗 很暗 我们伸手不见五指

他对她说 我现在摘一颗星给你 殊不知 那颗所谓的 “一颗星“ 就是婚戒。

当时很暗 只能凭着感觉 为对方戴上 那晚的夜景 格外浪漫 漂亮 也是个意外的惊喜。

Marry you in this romantic, sacred and such a warm place is the most romantic thing I’ve ever done in my life.


The lupine floral concept design of the wedding is from the both sides of the Good Shepherd Church river, all the way to the Lake Tekapo is inspired by these concepts.


In terms of overall colour, the combination of dark blue and purple is specially selected to present the starry night, also skilfully combined with the purple lupine.

In addition, how we present and create this starry night theme wedding which is we use the Lupine, reed and the Gypsophila elements as the concept to create a starry night themed wedding for the bride and groom.


First, we quoted the scenery in front of the church, and restored the steps of the church gate, it also serves as a space for the couple to stand with their guests and take photos.

Around also integrate into a lot of flowers, reeds and other flowers to bear a purple psychedelic romantic scene, that let everyone can feel that throb and happiness.



It’s in the tunnel to the ballroom, when guests looking up is a starry twinkling light, like countless silver beads, densely inlaid on the dark black night.

在通往会场内的一个隧道布置里, 抬头仰望便是一片满天星斗闪烁着光芒,像无数银珠,密密麻麻镶嵌在深黑色的夜幕上。

Furthermore, for the gazebo we also add our own idea to make the gazebo more special and let all the little details part can more unique and unforgettable wedding dinners from their stories.


For the walkway, designer use the round arch to hang a lot of flowers to match with the theme.
Round means it’as a graph without angles and notches, it symbolizes circulation, eternity and perfection.



Moreover, the VIP table use the “waterfall” highlight that part and we use the Gypsophila, reed, lavender and purple rose’s elements to embellish, that make more enrich the overall of the VIP table.


At each of their seats, we have placed a menu, thank you card and wedding favour from SomethingSpecial to enrich the entire visual effect of the VIP table.


Decorated with silver props, candle holders, geometric props and fresh flower’s combination with atmosphere of the scene and outline a unique and romantic visual effect.


Before the wedding dinner start, the cocktail area has prepared various dessert snacks for the guests, and also added a purple starry decoration to each dessert to match the theme, the drinks are mainly purple.

在婚礼开席前的等候区(Cocktail Area)特别设置了为来宾准备的各种甜点小吃,并且也在每一道甜点上为了配合主题都添加了紫色星空的装饰点缀,连同饮料都是以紫色为主。

Furthermore, for the invitation card design, since there was a testimony ceremony in the church in the morning so the two invitation cards were specially designed for the day and the dinner. The design of the day invitation card is a combination of pure and fresh white and purple lupine flowers, it’s make people feel love and beauty. On the other hand, for the night invitation card is the romantic starry night theme.


Moreover, there is a Thanksgiving section for parents in church.

During the preparation,

Time Machine Event cooperate with a famous local illustrator – Heather Chow

Heather Chow drew the two family portrait of the couple, Hanley and Desarine pass the gifts to their parents and specially thanks for them in the church.



我们与一位本地著名的插画家 Heather Chow 合作,Heather Chow画了两位新人的全家福,框在相框,


Furthermore, the moment when Hanley and Desarine came back to the room after tea ceremony, we prepared a gift for them,

We were touched by their stories and decided to give a “surprise” for them.


因为被他们的故事感动了,所以决定送新人一份 “小惊喜“ 。

Gift from @ hi.somethingspecial .

Customized gift – Full of blessings and special “surprises”.

These include scarves by famous local illustrator – Heather Chow, illustrations of their stories, a thematic bouquet of flowers, small notebooks and a handwritten letter.

That between the lines, convey the warmth of the writer through the paper, as a person who receives the letter, I think it will be touched.

礼物来自 @hi.somethingspecial 客制化的礼物 满满的祝福和具特殊意义的 “小惊喜“ 。

里面包含,本地著名的插画家 Heather Chow的丝巾,故事性的插画,一束具主题性的手束花,小本子和手写信。


Deep in the starry night, a concentrated starry sky, surround each other, a little starlight hidden in the starry sky like a dream.

You appear by my side, it’s most amazing thing I’ve ever meet.

万丈的星空深处,一片集中的星空,互相环绕包围, 隐匿在星空中的点点星光如梦境。


Time Machine Event makes every wedding dedicated to the couple, because the greatest happiness is the couples enjoy and satisfaction with our service.





Don’t let the beautiful memories dissappear, re-colour all of the memories and reproduce the beauty of the past.

Let us help you to make all of the past memories become true.

Let us create a unique and memorable wedding for you.





2020 我们等着您! 

We waiting you in 2020!





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